NOTE: this was first posted Nov. 9, 2017

NOTE: after this dubbed “unusual” SONG..(way below) I’m thinking of a future PUBLIC BERATE APART FROM ALL RELATIONSHIP one “JUMPED 3 TIMES: In the Hallway After Service” (Based on Tony Orlando and Dawn’s old classic favorite “KNOCK THREE TIMES”

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BACK HISTORY: before ever arriving in the Deep Southwest, Old Testament accuser Legalism had swept into my former region and had made it a other people shepherding, overseer labeling and dogmatic controlling BACK UNDER THE OLD TESTAMENT (self righteous) LAW and even though this HER right never heard it officially called “Chief Apostle Overseer ” SHEPHERDING” following the move to the deep into the Law, somewhat still Christian, southwest, the writer Noble Bereaned and realized she was being accused with a common form of SHEPHERDING which is in the lay, elders and too often at the TOP LEGALISTIC APOSTOLIC FOUNDER***



*** BUT (gratefully not ALL of it is for the most part (if 85 % more..) indeed NOT PRESENT in the (perceived as) DENOMINATIONAL Bible toters.


* Front Lines Non Traditional leader, non fellowship attending ANYBODY…Fellowshipping in MORE THAN ONE CHURCH..assessed as CURRENTLY NOW NEEDED: An Avoiding Gossip True Song.

“Friendly Fire Fellowship” Is there a prophesied Last Days FALLING AWAY”...or perhaps a RUNNING AWAY or even being DRIVEN AWAY by local salt of the earth, deep grass roots ACCUSER LAW?



“”FF Fellowship” = FRIENDLY FIRE FELLOWSHIP?? 2 Timothy 3:1-5 “Accusers (assessed as legalism), etc FROM SUCH TURN AWAY”



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CALL ME…. “Super Spiritual”
CALL ME…. “UnLevitical”
SIN SPY ME AS… “Out of Order,” too
DOES MY “NOT Back Under” the Law offend you?
DOES MY Galatians 1:1-2 freedom conflict you?
PERHAPS it’s the Common Doctrines of Ephesians 4, too?
TALE BARE…. “She’s Out of Order!”
NEVER ONCE SPEAK but call me an “Unsubmitted Church Hopper”
ACCUSE FROM AFAR as “Out of Control” + “In Rebellion!” too…
COULD IT BE that my nonreligious, free spirit grieves you?
OR DO my nontraditional ways upset you?
HOWEVER I still respect and agape Love YOU.
SLANDER me ’round town as “a Queen Jezebel spirit”
LIABLE my good (unknown) name …when I’m not there to defend it…
SO, YOUR man pleasing, astute fellowship…
I’M NOT inclined to pursue….
I PREFER fellowship…out among the barristas
LIFTING a few hot ones, with (fully respectful) Misses and Mistas,
BETTER to go AWOL than get your back CHEWED….
OVERSEER Legalistic Turf Protecting Apostle…
I STRONGLY perceive: you don’t really get me…
BESIDES, you’re not that much into RELATIONSHIPS, too.
OR ELSE…. you’ll make an appointment
TO RESPECTFULLY Matthew 18:15/ GAL 6:1 Confront me
AND /OR IN Abiding James 3:17 Reprove…
YET fellow apostle, I will still respect and never gossip about you!
I NEED to feel safe
OUT AMONG the barristas
THEY’RE top professionals… (plus they mind their own business…..!)
AND.. they never keep track of my every move…
OF COURSE: I’ll pray … and never accuse you
FIND FRIENDS and mature fellowship among the many, many saints there
THEN, only then, I can be concerned (ONLY) with The Father’s Every Move.
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