NOTE This is a repeat from DFW LEADER ONLINE FELLOWSHIP Jan 2017 …In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday….(HOWEVER… WE ALWAYS think like this!)



Ephesians 2:14 “He is our peace who has broken down every wall of partition to make us all ONE.”* (*IF we will each choose to let Him!)



  • The First Love Sabbath Rest(REAL TIME) ABIDING Ministry, apostolic Fellowship (has a nature of Isaiah 56:7) Diverse Ministry Fellowship.. AND No religious stereotypes there!




Individually, Purposely Chosen, Tailor Made By the Almighty God, Totally Unique as in PSALM 139!

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  • SUBMITTED: Any racism,genderism, ageism, about social strata are ALL (actually) related to a Relationship Big Issues. Yield to enduring abiding in James 3:17

  • SELAH: The day of judging each other by Outer Court Earth Suit has ended. We now only judge by abiding James 3:17 Relationship fruit.


  • A REALISM: God sends us down to dwell in an Earthsuit of His own choice of size, color, model year. He watches both us & the others to see how we react


  • God designed YOU specifically, uniquely and intentionally… for your short assignment down here on earth.
  • For His reasons, God assigned YOU to live inside one specific Earthsuit of a certain size, color, gender and model year.
  • Why? Because God likes variety and high quality. Also, as He knew that this time is very short, He also put YOU in that Unique Specific One…to watch how YOU would handle YOURSELF in it.
  • And at key times, God also uses YOUR Earthsuit to test what’s going on inside the hearts of many others.
  • And at other times, He uses THEIR Earthsuit to test what’s going on deep inside of YOU.



  • Also, many times God seems to use OUR (your, mine) to test US. (Abiding Relationship with Accepting SELF…We submit EXAMPLE Cain and Able( Gen 4) self pity, resentment, even murderous Self Talk example)
  • And the Lord God Almighty, appears to do this this area wide and world wide.



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