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“Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:” Acts 10:34

“My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with the respecter of persons.” James 2:1

GOOGLE search definition of a PATRICIAN: an aristocrat, nobleman, grandee, noble, nobleman, noblewoman, lord, lady, peer, peeress
“IF Galatians 5:6 declares that “Faith works by Love” THEN where there no genuine Love, there is no genuine Faith &”Jesus can do no mighty works” T. D’Arcy Leadership

TODAY WE study  the effects of “accuser leader traditional legalistic winds of accusative “suspicious” good doctrine, gone completely haywire.


And the writer submits to you, the Discerning Valued Reader, to pick it apart and to fully SELAH for your own self.


The writer actually discovered in mostly around   religious traditional, many of them landlocked tending toward legalist , even wide spread deep south regions.  Here patrician gives rise to slave -master overseer authoritarism, big respecter of some kinds/preferred leadership types of persons, even deep pockets of  chauvinism.

Yet while the writer has repeatedly eye witnessed it, mostly in deep south, surely it may manifest big time ANYWHERE!

AND IF you encounter modern Western European, usually basically white and most widely pronounced out  among the pioneering grass roots charismatic, this accusing of other races, ministry genders and it’s accusative errant mistaking “spiritual fathering, spiritual ministry covering, whom a fellow minister, or white female is approved of being legalistically “under” is simply one more way to cause religious ministry legalism, accusation and tale bearing keeping “overseer watch” on other non legalistic true persons.


Add the Roman Empire roots of elitism, big male chauvinism, and authoritarian governmental arch overseer , watching Paternal Chief Hierarchy, this is PATRICIANISM.


NOTE: WE at TCL DEFINE “a fellow Christ follower leader BOANERGE meaning NOVICE, exceptionaly IMMATURE, probably a rising, perceptively clueless, EGO NATURE, aggressive Self Seeking, even unintentionally (meaning  naive, ignorant) YET ‘Ye Must Be BORN AGAIN” presenting themselves as CHRISTIAN APOSTOLIC MINISTER.


Next, inter mingle each of the above, within a  modern popular ministry culture of emerging Media Savvy Apostolic Boanerges, and then one adds MEDIA: Facebook, Marketing, ministry peer based implied acute pressure to achieve, to perform  in order to “meet the national elite standard” as measured by many TV viewing cross cultural years.


Indeed now, the need to Brand and have a MARKETED APOSTOLIC PERSONA (see prior posting on this site) would created mixture in what was once a much more simpler and far easier to accurately DISCERN and to PERCEIVE for the basic next door neighbor, the alien, the nonbeliever, the next generation of high called future rising 5 fold apostolic true ministry leader and family heads of households!


By the Spirit and Counsel of the Most Holy Lord, this writer sincerely advises that WE are not on the very edge of LOSING an accurate, true, genuine  ORGANIC potrait of the Risen Humble Servant Office Pioneering Leader of All Time, JESUS CHRIST, as the modern present entire big generation is dazed and massively CONFUSED about who and WHAT the Organic Bible Christ is and what following Him is all about.


Thus,  too often the Plastic Popular Worship Culture of Senior Ministry offers those who brush up close to them, a  continual offering of man made, various contrived,  In House Man Made Additives, basically said to “win souls” but when one tries to be friends with them, one understands it is simply shallow and surface, and much of it is being actually done to bring in their own finances.


After what this writer has survived since her relocation from being in local /traveling senior pioneering mixture for over 25 solid years, out in the deep south, now following 8 years immersed in figuring out WHO is a true Godly Sheep among the deeply cagey, non organic Goats (in five fold office self professing senior pioneering ministry!) then this is the ONLY REAL REASON that DFW LEADER, TCL has opted out of popular worship “accuser vulture culture” mixture senior ministry.


AND DFW LEADER, TCL has officially resigned from being “apostolic charismatic” since they have been the worst in respecting, unconditionally accepting, a mourning, grieving, newbie ,while the real pentecostals, Southern Baptists and other evangelicals, the nonwhites, have been far more Organic in more accurately representing the servant mature leader Christ.



Therefore,  DFW LEADER, TCL  is now officially “Bapticostal” (and we can pick and choose from both pure Hay and Stubble, but so can anybody with any even pure hearted servant leader group, also including OUR OWN IFFM  doctrine. NOTE: and DFW LEADER, TCL /myself are  truly we are forgiving to the charismatics, but trying to give them a big wake up call….and we shall agape love them, primarily,  mostly from afar.


PRESENTLY NOW:  to avoid Me Centered patrician accuser, male chauvinist legalism? Please…give  me a nonbeliever who is fully on fire for what he/she stands for than some duplicitous unloving,less than completely honest, Non Organic immature Local Errant who misrepresents themself as  One Of God’s True Representatives.

Please excuse me when I say, “I barf.”


Plus add apostolic leader lack and/or ignorance, insensitive lack of knowledge of how to genuinely act in a respectful mature ministry fashion.


While the kind, merciful non accuser writer,  truly understand that not all senior pastors, were  reared in loving, respectful natural, homes and that very MANY acutely suffered, were neglected and mostly unhappy. YET, God has no room in the Head Office of His Hallowed House for gender bias, any form of racism, class bigotry, or MISOGYNY.


And suspicious ministry disrespectful In House religious stereotypes are demeaning and a false representation of the Living Savior and what HE surely organically intended in the Game Plan regarding, ‘official Christ following” and in the effective “fellowshipping with the saints.”


Right now, in this Day, the spiritual over all fruit which is being  spawned on the so named PC insincere, apostolic Boanerge, media soaked, accusing, non unconditionally ministry, person accepting, “Popular Worship Culture ” professional widely patrician ministry turf is NOT “accepted in the beloved” (Ephesians 1:6) rather it is simply”suspected among the accused.”

And it is not the  Christian ministry new normal. IT is the brand new, ministry synthetic  abnormal.


Dominating Authoritarian Patricianism Elitism

The writer names modern, Western European based legalistic Patricianism as just ONE of the modern day ACCUSER/NOT GENUINELY LOVING Doctrinal Winds, yet perhaps, in an grand,under lying, hard to effectively spot, overall fashion, it may be PATRICIANISM which as actually hindered, is now withstanding the migty move  of God the most.

And it is comes down through the slavery of the Roman Government, used in law and in controlling leader regional authoritarism, then traced into the patrician slave holding owners primarily who kept US African slaves in the deep south.

NOTE: To purposely avoid fanning any devils of accuser racism:

1) History records that the Africans sold their own fellow Africans to the Western European patrician slave sellers.


2.) And it was the choice of the African slave sellers to sell off their own brothers, sisters, mothers, children. Thcy could have refused.


2) YET,  the patrician slave BUYERS and OWNERS were free to NOT accept any living real human beings to Sell on the market as Slaves. God will hold them each  accountable as none of them had to do that. It was their choice. The could have refused


3) And when the slave boats landed on American soil, there were slave BUYERS who chose willfully to purchase another human, It was their choice to REFUSE to buy a fellow living human being or NOT. God holds them responsible for doing that.


4) YET, when the slave owner purchased each human, be they man, woman, female, mother, child, grand mother, grandfather, when THEY got them home, then each slave owner was then also held responsible for HOW they treated each and every one of the human slaves.


AND Did they  respect them, treat them well OR to beat them, treat them humanly, educate them, etc.

BUT even if they were slave owners and did respect them, it did NOT make slave owning right either personally or as a deep south  slave holding widely popularly accepted (among patricians we mean) institution.

4) BUT each and every slave buyer was given a CHOICE to NOT buy.

5) AND within the Western European, mostly Caucasians, there were fewer but exising NON patricians who refused to buy fellow HUMANS as that was NOT GOD’s type of Human Plan.

AND while most all who descend down Western Europeans are ‘Caucasians’ who are primarily white in skin color, not all were/and are PATRICIANS.***

AND even if you (meaning  a slave seller or a slave owner, who lived way back then) or someone in YOUR FAMILY either sold another into debasing human cruel slavery OR either owned human slaves, ONCE we truly repent, and accept the free gift of Unconditional Love and Total Unforgiveness from the Lord Jesus Christ, then HE washes it entirely away, if we accept it.

AND the same exact applies to being a Patrician today or a sinner of any kind.

ASIDE FOR Pastors, Leaders, Bible Teachers: Let us please endeavor to make all of the above wise population comments widely known to help solve what has become a ACCUSER BLAME SHIFTING WHITE RACIST SIN SPYING WATCHING LEGLALISTIC MORBID/MEDIA BIG CULTURE!



SO WHETHER  a chief apostle, pastor, or office is overseer of a  micro Lampstand or a Mega XLarge one, the Lord will take inventory of it based on it’s “spiritual fruit.”


Holy Spirit will walk about what ought to be regarded, in the fear of the Lord as HIS Lampstand pioneering leader work: be it a church, a ministry, a media lampstand or a Bible training seminary, or any true other.

And if the 7 letters to the 7 Revelation Churches may be offered as food for realistic  food for consideration,  then we as pioneering Lampstand chief, primary work birthers will also be discerned by the Lord and either rewarded and commended for our being a “Good and Faithful Servant” and then be blessed ongoing in Eternity, even along with heavenly reward OR we shall NOT.



So if our own “God High Called Elder Lampstand Work” is over filled with non organic, insincere, even well intentioned but “non organic, regarded as unholy, impure sin mixture, then God will not be truly happy.


One of the real local community reasons is that the lack of genuine leadership love will become known, and if there is accuser suspicious sin spying, keeping up with the other ministry Joneses applied to perform peer pressure, it ruins the organic area “Perceived Perception” of what truly, again Organically, fully represents Jesus Christ.

And rather than a local Lampstand emitting a strong effectual over all witness of following God as a”sweet smelling savor,”  instead it will give out the  tainted odor and unpleasant leader/House critical, unintentional, offensive ministry over all stench”


This is akin to a “contrary vibe” which is of human, other, ministry self pleasing,and enabling the Accuser rather than resembling the unconditionally accepting, Really Respecting NON avoiding, NOT accusative Isaiah 11:3 apostolic “100 percent totally organic” Messiah.

The Messiah will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by the sight of His eyes, nor make decisions based upon what He hears.” Isaiah 11:3


ALL IF THE ABOVE IS SUBMITTED IN JAMES 3:17 applied form as ministry thought provoking apostolic SELAH.

FIRST: We simply offer this link to Wikipedia which discusses PATRICIAN Roman Empire, Western European roots:

WIKIPEDIA good article on PATRICIAN:


The writer thus shares some of her own LOCAL GRASS ROOTS senior ministry pioneering EXTREME up close encounters with PATRICIANISM. She was not raised around it by her gentleman, Southern Baptist senior pioneering apostolic pastor Genuine Organic Christ Following father, who was neither RACIST nor GENDER BIASED. He was also very happily married to a emotionally very strong, capable senior ministry leader, the writer’s mother, a Leader Real Woman of God, who was a wise Bible teacher, instructor, as well as a school teacher and sainted mother.


NOTE The next article stems from the writer’s own eye witness testimony, is an EXAMPLE of what truly may happen in any given local, grass roots, small region, such as one landlocked (the extreme opposite of a giant cosmopolitan metroplex) or rural, definitely small attitude regional, even  culturally oppressed, financially repressed religious traditional area.


We now give you a brand new link found on the new  DFW LEADER ONLINE FELLOWSHIP.

Though it simply describes our DFW LEADER, Apostolic TCL beliefs, it pertains to deleting bias, accuser, superior proud, even completely disrespectful leader /ministry manners from the current Popular Modern Day Ministry/Worship Accuser Worship Of Self Advantageous Sin Spying Culture:



In closing,let us make the conscious, prayerful choice to abide in the Living Vine so that we can each have the ability to resemble the Messiah of Isaiah 11:3:

“The Messiah will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by the sight of His eyes, nor make decisions based upon what He hears.” Isaiah 11:3

REMINDER:  Galatians 5:6 declares that “Faith works by Love” THEN where there no genuine Love, there is no genuine Faith and therefore, “Jesus can do no mighty works.”

God bless YOU!

Dr. T

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