NOTE: this was first posted Nov. 9, 2017 NOTE: after this dubbed “unusual” SONG..(way below) I’m thinking of a future PUBLIC BERATE APART FROM ALL RELATIONSHIP one “JUMPED 3 TIMES: In the Hallway After Service” (Based on Tony Orlando and Dawn’s old classic favorite “KNOCK THREE TIMES” CALL ME SUPER SPIRITUAL (BASED ON FRANK

ALSO: ACTIVE DECOMPRESSION MUSIC GENRE composed by Taveau ALL WORSHIP, WARSHIP and SPONTANEOUS CREATIVITY! Just beginning to UNFURL. Check out this 7 min 56 min brief explanation OVERVIEW! will be more TCL ACTIVE DECOMPRESSION ( RESTFUL….and with seasons MULTICULTURAL, also  HARDER EDGED (WARSHIP) ROCKIN’ as well as departing  off the traditional MAP into