SPEAK IT OUT. WE’RE OUT and REALLY RAGEOUS! The NEW DFW Leader E-Mag by TAVEAU CREATIVE LEADERSHIP   BYE AND GONE is the http://www.onlinefellowship.us (although we’re keeping the ARCHIVES UP) JUSt ARRIVED: http://www.dfwleader.org While Taveau plans to LAY LOW for a few leader months, she, who truly ENJOYS posting online the Words Perceived as Coming

  NOTE: This was first posted Aug 17, 2017 www.onlinefellowship.us FLYING HIGH (Emotionally dis-JOINT-ed) (C)2017 Taveau Creative Leadership all copyrights reserve   1.I’d spend my life In a cloud of smoke I’d wake up every morning Just to light another toke.   2.Then I’d spend my time ( Every living day) Emotionally insulating.. But in

t NOTE: This was first posted Aug 23, 2017 www.dfwleader.org “PLEASE don’t refer to me as a CAUCASIAN, WHITE PERSON..as that just one more interpretation of PREJUDICED, A RACIST (if one believes the NIGHTLY NEWS and ONLINE WEB). NO. Now, I would like to ONLY BE referred to as a WESTERN EUROPEAN (non BIASED) AMERICAN

NOTE: This was first posted Aug 7, 2017 www.onlinefellowship.us ABIDING RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF is Taveau Creative Leadership’s #2 RELATIONSHIP in the list found at the top of this homepage; http://www.onlinefellowship.us TEN BIBLE RELATIONSHIPS ORIGINAL SELF TALK: ACCUSATIVE CAIN GENESIS 4 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it.” JEREMIAH