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  26 Minutes …THE FIRST EVER DFW LOF VICTORY RESURRECTION, AKA SUNRISE SERVICE ** ** even though there was NO SIGN OF SUN…still the SON SHINING inside EACH ONE US…from the INSIDE to the OUT..is what REALLY MATTERS!   (C)2017 DFW Leader Ministry Fellowship All copyrights reserved

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NOTE: this was first posted www.onlinefellowship.us April 9,2017. AND there are 2 more parts over there today. PLUS this long in-depth series will continue MOSTLY OVER THERE (every Wed or ApostolicThursday) THE OFFICIAL DFW LEADER MINISTRY FELLOWSHIP, APOSTLE TAVEAU D’ARCY CREATIVE LEADERSHIP MINISTRIES ,FIRST NAMED: THE IFFM: THE INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP OF FOUNDATIONAL MINISTRIES 501c3 Started

  REPRINT From www.discernmentandperception.org March 6,2013 THERE IS A GOD WHO REVEALS “God is the revealer of secrets.” Daniel 2:28 (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved BELOW are Bible scriptures to support what the Bible refers to as “Renewing of our minds.” -HEBREWS 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and