MESSAGE TIME: 12 NOON CT..but it will be on the LIVESTREAM VIEWER Below (and over @ BUT FIRST:…TO SET THE (SERVANT APOSTOLIC ) STEALTH MESSIAH STAGE     CHRIST was not sent packaged via Hollywood production. Neither did He have blue eyes…favor one versus another country, race, religion, gender and/or play partisan national,

    DFW LOF MP3 AUDIO FUNDRAISER (YOU pay what YOU feel…   Blessings..this is a chill type apostle T’s new worship genre Active Decompression BROODING IN THE SPIRIT (C)2012 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved ** NOTE: TO BUY..YOU will see PRICE Set as O.OO which invites YOU to pay whatever AMOUNT YOU FEEL

NOTE: this was first posted Dec 20, 2016 PART 2 PERCEIVERS -DISCERNERS “R” US (C)2016 Taveau D’Arcy Creative Leadership All copyrights reserved The Savior Christ told the unbelieving Sadducees” You err not knowing the Scriptures OR the power of God.**” Matthew 22:29 When you survey “Christ accepting” “going to a local church” “being a