“Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, running over, shall men given into your bosom.” LUKE 6:38 GREETINGS: RE TAKING PART IN THE 2016 EXPANSION (1st 4 MONTHS) IFFM, TCL/ONLINE MINISTRY FELLOWSHIP BUDGET COLLECTION AS MANY OF YOU KNOW..TaveauCreativeLeadership, IFFM ONLINE FELLOWSHIP has NEVER made a big deal over COLLECTING

NOTE: This was first posted DEC 22-29 2015 @ apostolic ministry www.teammateuniversity.com ASSIGNMENT DEC 22-29: THE COMING OF THE SERVANT LEADER APOSTLE’S SERVANT APOSTLE: JESUS CHRIST (C)2015 TaveauCreativeLeadership All copyrights reserved TEAMMATE OVERVIEW DEFINITION OF OFFICE OF A CHIEF FOUNDING APOSTLE: “a spiritual trailblazer” “spiritual pioneer” “God commissioned Holy Spirit work birther” “a founder of

(C)2015 TaveauCreativeLeadership All copyrights reserved NOTE: This was first posted Dec 20,2015 www.taveauleader.wiki ARE TITLES IMPORTANT? YET, the USE, OVERUSE, LACK OF UNDERSTANDING..surrounding MINISTRY LEADER OFFICE use of APOSTOLIC BIG TITLES…is for an increasing number, (even a a HUGE POINT) of contention, amazement.. among VERY MANY modern day ‘born again’ elders…but..at least for TODAY..SENIOR OFFICE

MAKING A MENTION…of the new GRAND WIKI from TAVEAU CREATIVE LEADERSHIP over on TAVEAU CREATIVE WISDOM CONSULTING http://www.taveaucreativewisdomconsulting.com WIKI..NOT on the beaches of WAIKIKI DEFINITELY NOT WIKI- WACKI OR… as deep Southwestern cattle drivers might have said (and/or still may SAY)… (and/or smart phone texted) (with modern day IPods in their ears at the same

NOTE: I am posting this on several other TD Sites. WHOLE SLEW (NOT “ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH!!”) OF MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENTS THE PROLIFIC PLETHORA OF ANNOUNCEMENT PONDERANCES COMPLETELY SHOCKING: PUTTING “THE BURDEN OF” THE IFFM 501c3(chiefly old tired “all those unloving out among the grass roots” memories) yet along with…all the record/book keeping) OVER ON BACK

ANNOUNCEMENT: WHENEVER the LORD impresses, continue to CHECK IN ON..to PERUSE what will take place over on TEAMMATE UNIVERSITY Bible College “PSALM 118 LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW PIONEERING LEADER GOOD DAY” http://www.teammateuniversity.com AT THE PIANO: Taveau Piano Worship Instrumental (C)2015 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved 18 Min. All Taveau D’Arcy Songs (plus 2 others):