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“Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not of. “Jeremiah 33:3

The Organic 7 Spirits of God

The (1) Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him,
(2) The Spirit of wisdom and (3) understanding,
(4) The Spirit of counsel and (5) might,
(6) The Spirit of knowledge and of

(7)the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:2

“There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets.”

Daniel 2:28

Long before the modern Church of the Risen Christ came onto the scene, with all of its leadership Lamp Stands, its many current denominational spirits of division, personal pet ministry theories and multitudes of practices, there existed up in the Endless Eternal Glory Realms, the One who may described as the Chief Organic Pioneering Founder-Creator, the Master Designer, the Pre-existing wholly Holy Apostolic Divine Revealer and Mature Originator: The Wise Eternal Father.

The Father, with His pioneering leader True Pure heart, serve as guide, heroic role model and a radiant example for all called to true leadership today.

And God’s Seven Spirits, which are Eternal, existed long before the earth was created and we apostolic humans were birthed, and will be present always after Creation as we now know it, ceases to exist.

God’s manifold Seven Life Giving Spirits represent Living Revealing Birthing Unified Wholly Holy Pure Restful Truth.

The “organic” Seven Spirits of God represent stable, healthy, mature, pure holy Oneness, consisting of many different unique facets.

And none of these 7 Spirits, which the writer believes reveal a partial spiritual glimpse into God’s own fired up, pioneering leadership inventive pure Nature, ever produce fruit that tears down, splinters, fragments, fractures, secedes from itself.

This writer humbly submits that Pioneering God’s Organic Personality with it’s fired up mature Leader Fruit, never separates from one of the 7 Spirits but rather moves collectively but may be perceived in various revealed levels of strength.

While The Holy Awesome Fearful God of both the Old and New Testament repeatedly winnows and nonreligiously sifts, never once does He create an “us against them” situation among His Own True God Fearing People. Thus Coming Apart in Bible non religious terms, means “fleeing unholy mixture, separate unto the mighty work, hand of God, as the Refiner’s Fire touches and reveals.

And WHERE in the New Testament does it command that 5 fold ministry offices fragment, split off into a multitude of independent denominations, religious parties or exclusive sects?

The writer submits that the (non religious, not legalistic) apostle Paul wrote from the completely opposite apostolic teaching view.

Submitted Selah: Church of Ephesus Cross 5 Fold Lampstand True Unity Ephesians Chapter 2-5:21 (in upcoming blogs, the writer will address Cross Body True Unity in Ephesians 4 ) Perhaps Eph. 4 the next one.

Key Pioneering Principal: ANYTHING that divides, uses man’s apostolic wisdom, will eventually begin to take on human flesh and mortal human stinking thinking.

Messiah Key Principal

“And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

Quote from Jesus Christ, Mark 3:24-25

Each of these will eventually disconnect, separate from Holy Spirit-Human Divine 24/7/365 “Enoch” Type 1×1 Personal Intimate Connection of God interaction, balance and close communion, to stand all alone in its own tough religious Mind Field: Our Own Law.

Once any apostle, leader or group disconnects from God Reliance, pure mature relationship, it will start to birth a Life apart from Living in Complete Dedication and Reliance on the Holy God. This will happen through ungodly MIXTURE.

Unholy Mixture Key Principal

“You shall have no other god’s before Me.” Exodus 20:3

MIXTURE can form when Man devises its own thoughts and makes up it’s own human finite mind. And while today, coming from Jewish Law in the Old Testament, and the new Phariseeical legalism stemming from generations of Modern Church with their own human devised laws, set traditions, personal views and staid religion, we can appreciate the great need to go back to discover, discern and nonlegalistically discuss, WHAT THE FATHER INTENDED AS “PURE APOSTOLIC ORGANIC 5 FOLD PIONEERING MINISTRY.”

(ASIDE: This is the first of several other forthcoming articles)

There Should Be NO Self Condemnation OR Self Justification Principle

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

When forming /mixing in their OWN new traditions, commonly held laws, apostolic legalism, which would then create mentally hard combative religion.

The reader may observe that the God’s Seven Flickering, Flaming, Hovering, Brooding, NON Religious Spirits, may be regarded as the organic roots of each Organic Pure, True, High Calling Eternal, Modern Day Leader Lamp Stand, aka Church of Ephesus 5 Fold Leader Pure Office.

This would imply that each True Lamp Stand would originate from and therefore truly resemble, bear some of the fruit of, the following Seven Spirits of the Holy God mentioned in Isaiah 11:2,

(1) the Spirit of the Lord

(2) The Spirit of wisdom

(3) The Spirit of understanding

(4) The Spirit of counsel

(5) The Spirit of might

(6) The Spirit of knowledge

(7) The Spirit of the fear of the Lord.

Submitted for Selah Purposes.

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THE NEXT BLOG: PART 2: LEADER DOCTRINES FOR A NEW DAY: Ephesians Cross Body in Chapter 4

Apostle Paul’s Church of Ephesians, Non Divided 5 Fold Lamp Stand, Cross Body, Enduring, Respectful Love, True Unity

Almighty Big Blessings!
Dr. T D’Arcy